What 10 Guys Think About Talking to Girls At the Gym


We asked ten guys to give us their truthful, bare bones opinion on what guys think in the gym and whether they think it’s a good idea to approach girls. We expected a dash of misogyny, a cup full of bragging and a pinch of bullcrap like the world’s weirdest cake, but what we didn’t expect was this…

A snapshot of what guys think in the gym, some of these were pretty unexpected. Let’s count down to the ultimate winner, Matt, who speaks very eloquently on behalf of the entire female race.


I just use the old; I thought you were cute and came to say hi

Another random guy – said no one that got laid ever

I saw some douche once with a girl and he was trying to give her advice. He was telling her to squat in the smith machine instead of using free weights. After he was done creeping I just told her not to listen to him and then that was that…

 It’s really easy to get it going if they’re wearing a college sweatshirt or something. That gives you an immediate talking point.

I don’t talk to anyone, headphones in and just doing what I’m there for. I don’t pay for social hour.

I’ve only had 1 girl ever talk to me, she’s like 50 years old but SMOKIN HOT… too bad her husband is always there and he’s like 6 foot 5 280 pound freak. I think I said something stupid and cheeky to this hot girl once, and she smiled and laughed but didn’t say anything so I walked away…. FML

Well I’m kinda anxious…. I see them staring at me like crazy (literally STARING) when I do my weighted dips (not bragging) but I always see them talking to some skinny ass dude so.. idk if they have a bf or wut….

I say hi if they get close enough, but they never say hi back..lol

I wonder if they r staring at me cuz I look retarded or something

Only “excuse me” when they are in my way

If you see a chick with her headphones in WORKING OUT (that’s something people do in gyms) then you leave her alone and let her do her thing. If she takes out her headphones, makes eye contact, smiles, whatever, sure. But if you’re the d-bag (I see it EVERY time I go to the gym) who walks up and starts talking to a chick who’s in the middle of actually lifting, fck you. All you do is drive away the decent looking girls away from the gym or make them come at an odd hour to avoid guys like you.

*insert clap emoji* this guys knows…

This important message has been brought to you by the Danny McBride unofficial fan club.