5 Easy & Delicious Cottage Cheese Desserts For Bodybuilding

Have you ever looked at the lumpy curdles of cottage cheese and thought eww, how am I meant to eat that?

Well, you’re not alone, CC has been grossing out bodybuilders worldwide since it’s inception (probably). Sure, you can take the straight-forward route of just eating it as it comes, but where’s the fun in that?!

Whether you’re planning on stripping body fat, building muscle or just maintaining your physique, protein is where its at. And, the reason why cottage cheese edges out your standard chicken breast or whey shake – one word. Casein.

The Affleck brother that no-one remembers? Wait, no.

This specific type of protein is slow digesting, meaning it will stop the loss of muscle during sleep, whilst simultaneously helping with recovery.


Fancy a naughty late night snack?

Choose one of our easy and lightning fast ways of having cottage cheese that don’t involve choking it down cold before bed to get that sweet, sweet casein…


Berry Bowl

Ingredients: Cottage Cheese – Banana – Raspberries – Granola – Peanut Butter



Ingredients: Cottage Cheese – Banana – Coco-pops – Peanut Butter

High Protein PB & J

Ingredients: Cottage Cheese – Raspberry Jam – Peanut Butter 


Post-Workout Chocolate Pudding

Ingredients: Cheese – Coconut Milk – Honey – Vanilla – Cacao/Cocoa Powder

Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients: Cottage Cheese (blended) – Sweetener – Cocoa Powder Coconut Oil – Dark Chocolate Chips


5 thoughts on “5 Easy & Delicious Cottage Cheese Desserts For Bodybuilding

  1. I usually do the PB and jam with cottage cheese before sleep and sometimes as a dessert.
    I need to try the chocolate mousse.
    Love, Jelly

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