5 Foolproof Weight Loss Tips For Busy Girls

About two years ago I tried to lose weight. Over and over I stepped on the scales and wondered to myself: “why aren’t the numbers dropping when I’m eating hardly anything?”

I consistently felt like crap, like I was failing and “not losing weight quickly enough”.  I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up and I wanted to just “go back to when things were easier”.

Since August of last year, I’ve now lost a lot of weight, and the ways in which I did it are actually pretty simple compared to some of the weird crash diets I’ve attempted over the years, (I’m looking at you green juice cleanse).

Rule 1 — Move

You can add exercise to your day and also pack in a huge 400 calories of “burn” by making small changes.  400 calories is a lot – it’s equal to a scrambled egg with avocado and toast… Or, a double cheeseburger from McDonalds.

Things to add into your day to easily burn extra calories:

  • Park farthest from wherever you’re going
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Set an alarm on your watch or phone to go off every hour, and for two minutes do something that requires movement.

30 minutes is the easiest way to add exercise in without slaving away at the gym on a treadmill.

Rule 2— Plan to Eat

Let me ask you:

If you had to go to work or shopping or wherever every. single. day and you knew that that place had ZERO oxygen, would you plan for it?

Yes. Yes you would.

And, just to drive the point home – if you were going into a burning building, would you even step foot past the threshold without a canister of O2?

Course not.

My mum used to always say;  “you didn’t plan to fail, but you did fail to plan.” And it’s true, you know that you’ll be hungry so best to plan for it.

So get on board with the meal prepping, baby! You may think it’s only for losers and personal trainers, but it’s the key, the secret to success.

I can hear your cries “OH but I HATE doing that”.

Too bad.  You’re an adult.

There’s a big prize waiting at the end of the road, eventually it will become part of the routine and second nature, so you wont notice as much. PLUS, you’ll drop weight and feel so good about yourself that suddenly, it will be the best thing you do.

Rule 3 — Throw Away Your TV

I say this so often and people’s eyes get as big as basketballs.

“What?  Not the TV!!!!?”  Yeah. Throw it away now.  Get rid of it.

Now, you might be the rare individual who knows how to balance his/her life.  And that’s wonderful. But most people, and I’m firmly on this list, don’t know how to.

Most people are (without realising) such addicts that they will conquer up a range of excuses before they find that that their harmless entertainment source is just a massive time drainer.

We all love to catch up, or binge in my case, on the latest Netflix series, but if this is your nightly routine, it may be worth switching off in favour of more physically demanding activities.


Rule 4 — Consistency Is Key

It’s true that you’ll have good days and bad days.

It’s okay.

I tell myself all the time that I don’t need to murder an entire bar of Dairy Milk, or half a tub of peanut butter. It doesn’t stop me though and that’s fine!

As long as you’re consistent, the results will show. You can have one day a week off, it’s not meant to be impossible. Just stick to your food plan and gym sessions and you’ll be there in no time!

Rule 5 — KISS

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Stop looking for shortcuts.

The amount of times I hear “Goji Barries!” and “XYZ Detox Smoothie!” and “Super Fat Burn Rapid Weight Loss Pill”

It’s all about balance.

There’s no such thing as a bad food group either, so don’t cut anything out.

Carbs, Good. Protein, Good. Fat, GOOD.

You know what’s even better?

High fat, high protein – low sugar, but we’ll get to that later…


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