5 Places to Get Jeans for Girls with a Booty That Won’t Quit

Top 5: Jeans For Squat Booty

We know the struggle of finding good jeans. We’ve all tried and failed to find that ultimate pair that fits perfectly.

It can be a real battle to find jeans that don’t gape in the back, don’t compress your behind and generally flatter a larger behind and shapely thighs, whilst also catering to a smaller waist.

These pairs were tested on a 26 inch waist with 39 inch hips, all created in the gym – (see our guide on how we went from ironing board flat to Beyonce curves here).

We’ve scoured the web and high street and found 5 places to get jeans that will cater to even the biggest squat booty…


We LOVE M&S and don’t care who knows it!

Ok, so its probably more well known for the pensioner cardigans and the delicious dine in deals, but do not discount marks and sparks from the fashion running just yet.

This retailer has managed to nail jeans that actually fit women with curves – maybe because they cater to all shapes and sizes – it’s become our go-to for jeans for squat booty and pants with super stretch, good quality materials and BONUS they actually come in 3 different leg lengths; (S, M, L)  so you are guaranteed a perfect pair of jeans no matter your height.

An Everyday Pair

In Fray Turn Up Mid Rise Skinny Leg Jeans  £27.50 – BUY


Topshop is not instantly known for  their jeans for squat booty BUT there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Their Jamie jeans are good quality and carry a fair amount of stretch, however there is a downside. A lot of Topshop jeans are cut with a very small leg and waist size, which is perfect for some but if you have a squat booty you may find yourself having to size up.

As long as you don’t mind trying on a few pairs, Topshop can be a good option, especially if you have a student discount (or know someone that does) as they do offer 10% off which always helps.

A Classic Day-to-Night Pair

 MOTO Washed Black Raw Hem Jamie Jeans – £42.00 – BUY


Created after three years of research, Barbell Apparel creates denim that moves with your body and is specifically designed for athletes and those that train.

Each pair accommodates even the most developed quads and butt without forcing you to buy a larger size with fits in the legs but gapes at the waist.

Another great thing about these jeans is that they fully adapt to your body, so they will always fit, no matter if its bulking or cutting season! Win-win…

The All-Season Jeans

Slim Athletic Fit In Blue Fade- $149.00 – BUY


A lot of River Island’s jeans contain 10% elastane or more, (something you should look out for when jean shopping online – the more elastane, the more stretch).

They also offer a gorgeous selection of jeggings, which unlike a lot of pairs, do not just look like slightly jazzier leggings. These are cut like jeans, so can be worn anywhere with ease.

Blue Molly Green Cast Jeggings – £40.00 – BUY


We couldn’t make a list about asses without including a reference to the Kardashian’s…

For those in the know Good American jeans are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to a big butt:

We’ve all heard the story by now…

Khloe Kardashian developed this premium line of denim to tackle the lack of sizing in the fashion industry (something we wholeheartedly agree with), creating a range of denim for women that continue on the lifelong quest (at least that’s what it feels like!) to find jeans that fit like a glove.

GOOD WAIST – $159.00 – BUY

There we have it! Our absolute favourite jeans for big thighs/small waist UK, for let’s face it, showing off our gym progress, not flattening the glutes, and not cutting of the circulation mid thigh.

Let us know which jeans are your favourite jeans for squat booty, do you have a pair that you religiously wear or are you yet to find your match?

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