5 Simple & Quick Ways to Ditch Sore Muscles

Cut Gym Recovery Time In Half…

We’ve all been there… That moment when nature calls and your legs have completely given up on their intended purpose. If only there was a way of speeding up recovery time, so that you can avoid the John Wayne style walk through the office. Oh wait!


5. Chocolate Milk is No Longer Banned

No, really.

Who knew that beloved childhood beverage would actually be useful when training! We’ve spoken before about the perks of chocolate milk after a heavy session, and again it is proving its chocolatey worth by providing a high dose of protein, along with calcium – great for dem bones, dem bones.

4. Fish Oil Away the Pain

Ughh right? The combined words of fish and oil are enough to gag a little, but hold any judgement until after a week of throwing down a couple of tablets a day – provided you get a high-quality type that contains Omega-3 fats. You can also say hello to fat loss, glowing skin and stronger hair.

3. Get a Good Nights Rest

This one probably isn’t too surprising. Sleep allows for adequate recovery of the muscles, aim for 8 hours per night and have a high protein shake/meal beforehand for high-quality gains. See our recommended bedtime snacks for a dose of casein protein.

2. Take a Dip

Grab yourself a bag of Epsom Salts and run a bath to a slightly hotter temperature that you usually would. The salts turn into mineral magnesium sulfate which penetrate your muscles, allowing for any tension to dissolve.


1. Ginger Will Be Your New Best Friend

Anti-inflammatories come in many forms, sure you could go the classic ibuprofen route, but there are also many natural ways of reducing inflammation from weight training. Try a Ginger Tea – or, throw a few hot chilis in your lunch for a natural way to reduce muscle pain.

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