A Beginners Guide to the Gym (Girls Only)

That first moment in a new gym can be just as nerve-wracking as meeting up with a potential fling from tinder, without the release of freely flowing wine.

Walking in the gym like you are old friends/going to own the workout can easily be faked though, and trust us, once you’ve smashed a leg day from our collection you’ll personally acquainted with each piece of equipment.

Like anything, a good session at the gym can be solved with a few steps of prep:


Phone Case

To ease distractions and stop the flow of each set, simply attach, power up a playlist and go, which leads us on to…

A Bangin’ Playlist

Personal preference of course, but we are partial to some angry RnB/Hip-Hop

If your curious see our current playlist…


Skip the earbuds you got free with your phone and invest in some in-ear headphones, or over-ear for the part-time DJ’s.


The fuel of life and the ultimate pre-workout, Coffee is chug a triple shot iced espresso with a shot of caramel a la Nikki Blackketter or grab an Americano if you’re feeling minimalist. A true staple in the bodybuilding world, Coffee is known to raise metabolism and increase fat burning.


A Baseball Cap/Hat

Highly debated in the fitness world, some claim a baseball cap can help focus with a curved visor which blocks out the sight of any lecherous gaze, plus there’s an added bonus of hiding the tomato face and a possibility of channelling Gigi.

It can also help to see which trainers are local to you, checking directories can be better than hiring the one’s at your local gym. For those UK bound, see the latest fitness businesses in Manchester here. Which are your favourite tips for those starting out?

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