Fitbit Charge 2: Is It For You? We Put The Tracker Through Its Paces…


The latest craze sweeping the nation…

But is it worth it?





Sleep monitor – I don’t know about you but my sleep is more erratic than Kylie Jenner’s body shape. Yeah we all know that we don’t sleep as well as we should but what exactly is going on? The Fitbit told me exactly how terrible it was, noting how many times I was restless or woke up.

Daily usage – Step count is pretty basic fare by now, but having an option of moving every hour is brilliant. Also see how many calories you have burnt through daily activity.

Food diary – For those myfitnesspal fans that refuse to pay the monthly upgrade fee, (damn those ads), there’s an inbuilt system that works on the same basis, simply add in your food to track if you are burning more or less than you consume. Useful right? It does lack specific info like macros and grams but fingers crossed this will be seen in a future app update.

Heart rate – Compare your heart rate to the athletic aim of 53-55.

General watch usage – You can see the time I guess??? I had one particular occasion where my phone died and I needed to know what time it was – 20 mins passed before I realised I was wearing a watch… Says more about me than the watch to be fair.



GPS – Running took a while to track, it was 15 minutes before it realised I was moving but the GPS function seems to work pretty well. Not comparable to the Apple Watch but that’s to be expected for the price.

Interchangeable straps – You can find milanese style straps and leather ones to change up the style of the watch with ease.


One rather big disadvantage I found is that the watch stops tracking if you are intensely lifting weights or performing HIIT – wasn’t sure if it was because I was sweating like a beast or because of a fault.


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