Guess Which Shoe Is Taking the Fashion Scene by Storm? Move Aside Stan Smith…

Trainer. Sneaker. Crep. Kick…

Whatever you call them, it’s safe to say that sports focused footwear has had a real fashion moment in recent years, with everyone from Raf Simons to Kendrick Lamar collaborating with brands to produce pairs that grace the feet of the uber stylish.

This month staple brand Reebok presents the latest and most future forward silhouette…

Taking inspiration from three decades of Classics, the ZOKU RUNNER celebrates Reebok’s evolution.

The ZOKU RUNNER is a continuation of original ideas, symbols, and people who inspire.

The latest look book features a serene palette amid a European backdrop, merging the old with the new.

This is the pair to wear everyday, and thanks to its knitted design it can also handle the most flexible of workouts.

Available at Office | £94.99

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