Gym Hacks for Girls – An Easier Workout (and Life)


These tips will make your life a hell of a lot easier, so you can worry about perfecting your deadlift form:

10. The Day of Un-Rest

Ever noticed that the gym is busier than Selfridges on Black Friday on a Monday? Do yourself a solid and use Monday as a rest or outdoor cardio day, instead doing your sesh on a Sunday.

9. In-between

Grab a skipping rope and go for a full minute in-between each lifting set to torch body fat.

8. Aim For 8

Go for a heavier weight and attempt to hit the lower side of the recommended 8-12 reps.


7. Freezee

Freeze your water bottle the night before for an instantly cooling and refreshing drink – the perfect partner for mid-summer gym studios.



6. Mix It Up

Mix L’Glutamine, creatine and your favourite squash for a fat burning exercise drink that’s ideal for both cardio and weight sessions.

5. Set An Alarm

Add your workouts into your phone’s calendar on a Sunday.

4.Shhh. Do Not Disturb

Put your phone on aeroplane mode for a distraction free session. It makes all the difference.

3. Take 5

Pick five core moves and perform 20 reps a piece. Done.

2.Everyday I’m Shufflin

Try using an iPod shuffle and leaving your phone in your locker for a distraction free workout. We guarantee you will be done in half the time and be even more focused.

1. Fashion Killa

Make like Adrianne Ho and pick an outfit that slays. New gym gear can give you that extra push to go, as well as providing an extra confidence boost (and an excuse to go shopping…)


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