Jo Loves… Green Orange & Coriander

Jo Loves ♥ A fabulous new venture for Jo Malone…

Rather embarrassingly I had absolutely no idea that Jo Malone had left her eponymous fragrance house a few years ago. Having been a fan of the line for years, particularly the ‘Wood Sage & Sea Salt’, I knew that she had a unique gift for scent, but no idea she had moved on to start a new project: Jo Loves.

So how does she do it? The Telegraph in an interview explained how Malone has synaesthesia – a neurological condition means that she smells colours. She explains this as:

To me, fragrance is like a kaleidoscope that I can twist to make people experience different things.


A fascinating concept, I had to see what Jo Loves had to offer. Safe to say, the selection is just beautiful, and after a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing I decided on Green Orange & Coriander. This is the fragrance for girls that prefer woody, warm and soulful to delicate and sweet.

With tones of bitter green citrus and fresh heady herbs, this provokes memories of sitting by an open fire with a large glass of Merlot, a scent of black pepper and oakmoss edging out any culinary coriander.


To me, this is the ideal everyday perfume – the one to throw in your work bag that can take you from a board meeting to a bar crawl with ease. It’s not too much and smells very fresh, so you can avoid being that walking cloud of perfume at the gym.

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