Make It, Don’t Fake It. The Ultimate Butt Workout for 2017

How many times have you walked into the gym and thought, crap what’s the plan here?

With this easy to follow guide, you’ll have a booty to rival Nikki Blackketter and Jen Selter in no time! I’ve seen my bum grow by 3 inches in less than 6 months by following this plan – it’s something I’ve worked on through trial and error over the past few years, as I wanted to grow my glutes without building my legs too much…

This is the perfect in-between plan for those that desire strong and sexy legs, with an ass that would make a certain Jenner jealous. Warning: may lead to undesirable attention!

We’ve added in recommended weight to use, but don’t worry if this seems too heavy – choose a weight that feels comfortable to start and work your way up.



Get the PDF version for FREE here:

>> Booty Workout for Beginners <<

Pro tip: Keep this on your homescreen or save to your images for a quick and easy plan that you can refer back to within your workout.

Happy squatting! For all the ladies out there what’s your favourite exercise for building your behind?

6 thoughts on “Make It, Don’t Fake It. The Ultimate Butt Workout for 2017

  1. I Cant wait for to be done with my next tournaments so I can start a Hyperthropy program. Since I started to train Jiu-Jitsu is so hard to lift like I used to. Grear plan that you did for gluteus. Thank u!!

      1. Thank u! I’m also a white belt. Only 10 months training going on and off but now I signed up on 2 tournaments that is coming soon so I can keep motivated to train. I’m also doing the NASM CPT training but has been hard for me since English is not my first language. I’m loving ur blog. Thank u

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