The Secret Training App You NEED To See…


Have you ever wished that there was a tool to help you break down all those tricky muscle groups? One that wasn’t just made for those guys that want super huge traps, or arnie-esque biceps?

Well, the future may be here guys! This week, we were let in on a secret – a new app that offers a simple, interactive guide for those that wanna target say, glutes, and also want to know which exercises offer the best activation of that chosen muscle AND best of all you can get it for free.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Let’s take a look…

It’s Monday, you’ve hit the gym after work and you’re warming up on the elliptical, just before you dive into a heavy weights routine. But, wait. Unless you hire one of the trainers at the gym how will you make sure that your form is correct and you’re choosing the right movements?

Enter MuscleWiki – an interactive guide for women to training and muscle building. It really does take the guesswork out of training, and as an added bonus, can be easily accessed anywhere – even mid gym session.

The free mobile app is the pint-size version of the main site MuscleWiki. Like the web app, you point at a specific muscle on the interactive model to bring up a list of exercises that help work that muscle.

Not sure how to train say, delts? Musclewiki has got your back in every sense…

Each muscle group has it’s own set of videos that show you exactly how to perform each movement. Plus, there’s also a handy list of tips to make sure you nail each exercise every time.

If that wasn’t enough, Musclewiki also has a handy set of tools for weight loss, macro tracking and a ‘one rep max’ calculator.

See the Musclewiki site, and download the app at the iTunes store.

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