7 Insider Secrets From the World of Fitness Modelling

 If you asked a group of people what makes fitness models stand apart from the average person, the chances are you’d a big dose of side eye and a mention of *juice*…

Although that can be a helping hand in some cases, which we’ll cover later, let’s go through a list of the things that fitness models do differently to us regular gym-goers – and steal their secrets, mwuhahah!

What do GymShark models Nikki Blackketter, Robin Gallant and Katy Hearn all have in common? Well…



Unlike many fitness enthusiasts, these people are earning their bread and butter through photoshoots, sponsorship programs and merchandise. The most entrepreneurial models usually start their own supplement line, which is often developed by someone else. They just rely on their name for branding. Anyway, the point here is that how much they will earn and how far they will go in the industry will largely depend on their physique. Being out of shape is called unemployment for these guys. They take everything extremely seriously because they have to.




Fitness models have to plan ahead. They simply cannot afford to end up in a situation where they have to eat something that does not fit in their diet plan. As the old adage goes “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. That’s why you see many professionals carrying around tupperware at any and every occasion.

Workout Routine


These guys know how to train. Every exercise is performed in a controlled manner and usually in a full range of motion. They don’t lift their ego in the gym. They train for a physique, not a powerlifting event. Massive difference.



In most cases fitness models have been training for years before becoming what they are today. Thanks to Instagram and the like, we only the glamorous part and never the sweat, blood and tears that holds the major key to success. One of the best quotes about motivation is Messi’s interpretation of a famous quote in an Adidas advert:

I trained 17 years to become an overnight success.

Sports Nutrition


This is also an important part in achieving an admirable physique. You want to get the most from every single workout, so if a supplement can bring marginal benefit, you still want to take advantage of it…because if you don’t, the competition will. The most common supplements are whey, creatine, vitamins, amino acids, glutamineSee our tailored guide to Supplements here.

Performance-enhancing drugs


Last but not least, here’s the point that no one wants to hear.

Yes, a big number of the fitness models take drugs (even the girls). For them the goal justifies the means. If you want to be on the top, sooner or later you need to make decisions that you might not be particularly proud of down the line.

Prepared for a photo shoot


The final image you see on a magazine cover of that fitness model you aspire to is the athlete’s best possible shape. They are dehydrated, tanned, painted and lighted in such a way that you see only the best. The photographers also take thousands of photos, so they have plenty to pick from. And, lets not get started on Photoshop…

These points come in order, so although some models will take the unnatural route, it still takes a hell of a lot of work and dedication to get to the top of your game.

Sheer determination, discipline and knowledge will separate you from the pack every. single. time.

So go get it girl.