This Post-Gym Snack Will Be Your New Best Friend

Have you ever left the gym knowing that you need to pack in your protein, considering the options of a high sugar protein bar or shake, or trying to force down some watery, bland cooked chicken?

This is where Top Herd comes in. Say hello to your new BFF…


This brand provides the best of both worlds when it comes to high protein snacks that are also low in sugar and fat.

How It All Began…

Founded in the United Kingdom by Philippa and Simon, Top Herd has quickly become our first choice for post-gym fuel.

On their choice to start Top Herd, Philippa says;

One day we woke up & realised that the carb heavy, yo yo dieting lifestyle we were leading was making us miserable.

We decided to cut out the junk & processed foods & started to eat a healthy balanced diet, which included a lot more protein.

A month later – a stone lighter. Result!

Trouble was we couldn’t find any tasty high protein, healthy snacks to eat on the go. Call us nuts, but we decided to make our own jerky. Simon is a whizz in the kitchen & created some delicious marinades, while I learnt the art of air-drying meat. It was like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in our house (without the chocolate obviously), & from these humble beginnings Top Herd was born.

Honey Mustard Pork Jerky

A delicious treat, the Honey Mustard flavour was exactly as we hoped it would be – smooth and rich with an edge of tasty mustard to accentuate the pork flavour.


Zesty Lemon Turkey Jerky

One of our personal favourites, the Zesty Lemon flavour took us away to trips to Mallorca, eating fresh lemons all day as a detox from our sugar laden diet back home. The tangy lemon compliments the turkey perfectly, without compromising the delicate taste of the white meat. This is a perfect flavour to throw in your handbag for any time of day, or to add to a salad for a hefty dose of mid afternoon protein!

Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky

This one is for the man in your life, as the deep and smoky authentic barbeque flavour rounds out the beef – ending any cravings for a huge juicy beefburger! This one wasn’t our favourite, but certainly edged out any afternoon hunger in the office, and was a hit with the guys.


Sweet Pickle Beef Jerky

Wow. WOW. This is all we can say about the Sweet Pickle variety. Honestly? This wasn’t our first choice, and we were very dubious about this one working well, but we take away any shred of doubt. This was a front runner, as the sweet tangy pickle tones from the plum are completely different from any other jerky we’ve had – truly a breathe of fresh air.


Chili & Lime Turkey Jerky

Saving the best til last, we present the Chili & Lime edition of Top Herd’s delightful range of high protein snacks. This is one we’ll buy over and over again, thanks to the warming combination of the tangy yet sweet lime with a slight punching edge of chili… A mild heat rather than anything too overwhelming, each pairs so well with the turkey to create a delightful high protein snack for after that kettlebell class, or for when you’re running to a meeting and need to hit those macros!

A huge thanks to Philippa at Top Herd for providing us with a pack to try, we are firm fans of the brand and can’t wait to see what the future brings. See their entire collection at Top Herd.


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