In Pursuit of Protein: A Guide For Girls

They Best Whey For Women

Wanna get as stacked as the former guvnor’ of California? Well… better get on the protein shakes fast…

We’re totally kidding.

Despite what many believe, it is pretty much physically impossible for a girl to get mega swole without help from some “external hormonal sources”…ahem.

And, while we’re discussing it, what’s with the whole ‘I’m gonna take some protein’

Has anyone else noticed this?

Protein 101: A natural form of energy which is needed to repair muscles.

It’s not crack guys, we’re good!

Rant officially over, here’s a (hopefully) handy guide to protein for her, and for those starting out, because it can be difficult to choose from the scarily labelled, huge plastic tubs:



A natural part of our diet for thousands of years, it will not make you big/fat/muscly on its own, in the same way that smoking won’t make you skinny – yeah we tried back in the Kate Moss days.

Instead, protein for her including shakes/bars and all the rest can instead keep you lean by providing a way of healing your muscles after weightlifting, whilst also satiating appetite due to its chemical structure.

If you are worried about packing on the pounds, then grab one with lower cals and fat, one of the best is the diet whey for women from PHD, but for those on a budget there is also a fabulous version from myprotein which essentially contains the same ingredients.

As a starter pack we’d say get a shake, avoid the jazzy flavours, trust us on this one, after choking down a few questionable ones it’s now the trio of chocolate/banana and strawberry as complete staples.

MYPROTEIN: The All-Rounder




£45 – 1 KG

PROTEIN WORLD: The Gluten Free One

£24 – 1.1 KG


Experts have agreed after many a debate, that protein supplementation post-workout is the most beneficial, particularly in helping individuals recover after a tough session and potentially increase muscle and strength gain.



A shaker bottle or blender: (No, you can’t just mix with a fork it doesn’t work – we tried and failed).

  • Blend with water or milk
  • Add to porridge, plain yoghurt or your favourite recipes to increase protein content

There you have it! Our starting guide to whey for women and protein powder for girls so you can focus on making dem #gains.


3 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Protein: A Guide For Girls

    1. Hey Krishna! I’d recommend going for a protein that has ground oats & maltodextrin in it – myprotein do a good one called Impact Weight Gainer, (sounds soo scary, but just has more carbs and simple sugars). To be completely honest though, to gain weight you’d be best grabbing a regular whey and adding more carbs/whole milk/fruit into your diet. Start by adding 200/300 cals a day, then work your way from there! Hope this helps somewhat 🙂 x

      1. Ahh, thanks so much for responding 🙂 ! I’ve tried a few kinds of protein powders already and I can never continue taking them because of the taste 🙁 I will follow your advice 🙂 Thank you!

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